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Nicalina Conaway 

E14 Brains and beauty September/Nicolina Conaway 

What I do for a living has so many titles, for now I rather stick with inspire. My main purpose. I started my journey as an entrepreneur Modeling in 2016 with Artistik Fantasies, an artist based business located in Metairie, Louisiana. After that I got into music consultation, promoting, networking, live/ streaming radio... basically anything involving art I was involved. 

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana by way of a single mother and a grandmother who did everything in their power to nurture and lead me in the right direction. I’ve always been a free spirit and thinker. 

In 2005, I was forced to relocate to where I now reside in Little Rock, Arkansas by way of Hurricane Katrina. Here I went to Sheridan High School where I later dropped out to help care for my mother whom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After her diagnosis I became an activist for Medicinal Marijuana where I look to open my very own Culinary Cannabis Restaurant.

Not to mention I joined the Revolutionary Black Panther Party in January of 2019, to help provide education and the Necessary needs to Low income and poverty communities.