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E14 Brains and beauty december/Trinya Murphy 

Brains and beauty December 

My name is Enchant'Tress Ponder Qwan / The Writer Qwannubian.

I am a cum laude graduate of The College of Westchester in NY, I hold a degree in Marketing/Advertising and Business Administration. I currently hold a license in Cosmetology and I am a certified Zumba instructor. Owner and jewelry designer at ButterflyEar.

I've been writing formally since 1995 but have been an eclectic artist since 1985.

I am a native of The Bronx, NY. A former professional dancer, I'm awaiting the publication of a poetry book in 2020.

I spent years as an administrative heathcare professional. I have taken on several roles in different sectors of the industry.

I am a freelance writer, Professional Narrator,  and Actor.

YouTube: (The Writer Qwannubian)

Facebook: (Qwannubian's Keys To The Vault)

Instagram: (The_Writer_Qwannubian)

Twitter: @PonderQwan

Anchor App: Qwannubian

Email: Thewriterqwannubian@gmail.com