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E14MEDIANETWORK artist featured Brotha Gkl 

Brotha Gkl 

 My name is Gawd Keenng Lio'Lf aka Brotha GKL/ The Poet B.GKL. 

Born and raised in Detroit, MI.
I have been most known for being a multi-talented triple threat, when comes to entertainment. Being able switch from HipHop, Neo-Soul & R&B, and never forgetting to be a pure writing Poet. 

I am a black hole of hidden artistry, and humble strengths. 
Being a professional graphic designer, Writer of all kinds, ghost writer, Actor, Recording Engineer, Narrating etc. I take glory in all crafts I hold. I humble to meet such wonderful on this journey. 

My main goal is to build, network and collaborate with other unique talents of all races.

My biggest skill is bringing anything I write or do to life. ☥ 

Ase, and peace and love
 Sincerely, The Poet B.GKL

YouTube: (Brotha GKL) 

Facebook: (THE POET B.GKL) & (Gawd Keenng Lio'Lf) 

Instagram: (@Thepoet_brothagkl ) 

Twitter: (@ThePoetBGKL) 

Anchor App: (Poetic Tales Of The Poet B.GKL) 

Email: Thepoet-b.gkl@hotmail.com