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E14MEDIANETWORK artist feature Gemini Rico 

E14MEDIANETWORK artist featured 

Gemini Rico 

I was born on Friday June 16 1989 at 7:03am in the city of st.louis I was raised on the northside of st.louis prior to becoming a teenage then I spent most of my teenage years on the westside of st.louis I fell in love with music at a early age listening to 2pac Biggie UGK Scarface Too Short Geto Boys etc. I wrote my first Rap Song in the year 1998 called "Killin em All" I wrote alot of poetry as well but in the year of 2001 I lost my older cousin lil steve he was murdered and from there on I started turning my poetry into Rap Music and the Rest was history My first rap name was Gudda Goon I received that name from the streets and family I later Changed my name to Gemini Rico because I felt It sums who I am All in one name.